Benefits of Using a Realtor

Why use a Realtor vs. going solo?

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Have you been thinking of buying or selling your home, but leaning towards doing it all on your own as opposed to using a Realtor? How hard could it be right? All they do is look for listings online and show it…we could do that ourselves! Well, you might want to rethink a little bit. Team Hamilton has some great reasons to help you understand why it is to your benefit to have a Realtor on your side.

For starters, Realtors have tons of knowledge and expertise. Agents are required to have taken a real estate course and state test, as well as obligated to keep up with many hours of continuing education each year. In addition, Team Hamilton for example has real life experience handling many transactions, negotiating, and getting people to the closing table. Selling or buying without representation is a little harder when it is the only time you’ve dealt with contracts, appraisers, dozens of forms, etc.

Next, the searching power is so much greater when you have a Realtor with access to the MLS (multiple listing service). Realtors are able to input your exact criteria into the MLS and when new listings come up for sale, those will automatically be sent to you once or twice a day. There is also much more information on these sites compared to Zillow or Trulia.

Realtors are also highly connected with other realtors as well as other team members important for your entire process. These people can include lenders, title companies, insurance brokers, home inspectors, stagers, and so many more. Similarly, through networking, Realtors may know of homes that will be coming up for sale before they are even listed on the open market. This could really work in your favor and allow you an “in” over everyone else.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Realtors are held to a standard of ethics. These are standards that real estate agents are encouraged to abide by and if they do not, there are actions and steps that can be taken to report that and hold them accountable. Consider entering into an agreement with a for sale by owner…they are not licensed professionals and can technically do whatever they want. What if they ended up pulling out of the deal and deciding not to sell their house at the eleventh hour? Well, there is nobody to report them to.

Lastly, Realtors are not just salespeople. Team Hamilton agents wear many different hats that can leave you really trusting and ultimately befriending your agent when things are all said and done. We invest our time and money to make sure you have the best service possible including professional photos when your home is being listed, high end flyers to market your home, doing additional research to provide great comparables when it comes time for an appraisal, being available during morning, nights and weekends, as well as listening to much more than just your real estate needs. We want your home buying or selling experience to be the smoothest and most personal experience it can possibly be.

Seriously Septic

Getting Serious about Septic Fields

It is so important to maintain your septic tank in order to avoid costly problems later down the road. The first thing you should remember to prevent clogging up your disposal field is to never pour cooking oils, grease, paper towels, sanitary products, and other garbage down your disposal or toilets. Also, reduce the amount of chemicals you are allowing into the tank such as detergents, bleach, paint, and paint thinners. The more water you add to the tank, the more stress you are putting on it too, so it would be helpful to limit the amount of water you allow to be drained into the tank (don’t drain hot tubs or pools into the tank).

Next, keep in mind that you should be getting the tank pumped regularly. It will depend how often you need to get it cleaned out based on the amount of people living in the household. For residential, tanks should be pumped once every three years. You also want to make sure the tank is easily accessible. We’ve recently seen septic fields that are underneath decks and pools. That is a big problem and your deck would have to be ripped off in order to service the field.

If you haven’t done the maintenance regularly and see areas in your yard that are wet all of the time, or if there is a foul odor emitted, consult with a septic company to come out and inspect the tank. Replacing the septic field can be a very costly repair and we as realtors, have seen this issue come up in recent transactions. Just remember that spending a little money now to maintain will be worth it in the long run and save you from an even bigger wad you will have to spend later.


If you need your septic tank cleaned or inspected, try the trusted company we recommend:

Howell Sanitary


Family owned business founded by Lloyd Wellman in 1948.