Just bought your dream home? Or getting ready to sell? Either way sprucing up your space adds a special touch. Check out some of our recommendations to make the most out of your space!

  • Doors: Think about it… you stare them in the face every day, open, close, and take glorious strides through; they’re the gateway to your space! Replacing older doors with a modern paneled style and hardware can be transform a room. This update is surprising affordable as well!
  • Lighting: Ambiance… what’s the first thing you think of? Hopefully lighting, since it is a major component. You’ve have so many lighting options and most are energy efficient, which make this a super easy update!
  • Paint: Neon Pink… ok it might be your favorite color, but you might not want to paint your walls that color. Picking a non-glossy neutral colored paint can quickly spruce up your space.
  • Clutter: keys, mail, dishes, toys… ok you get the point, we all have a lot of stuff. Keeping your space organized helps to focus on your decorations and art. Super easy hack that’s free!

Check out this example that uses all of the above to transform this master bedroom: