Thinking about selling your home? Where do you begin? The best way to start the process is to make a list of questions you have. What is it worth? What if I owe more than it’s worth? Can I get what I “need”? How much will it cost me to sell it? How long will it take? What do I need to do to get it ready to sell? What obstacles might I encounter during the process? Are there laws I need to follow when I sell my house? What are the tax consequences? How will I get the exposure I need?

As you make your list, you will find it takes much more than putting a sign in your yard and setting the price. There are many steps to selling your house and the best chance for success is to hire a reputable real estate professional to be on your team. I have the experience and reputation to take you through the process smoothly and in the shortest possible time frame. I will evaluate your home and give you advice on staging, pricing, marketing and how to avoid losing your deal over a failed inspection. Great customer service and frequent communication are my best secrets for success. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Grand tour of your home. It will be important to note what is special about your home, what recent upgrades have been done, and to gather additional info such as association bylaws, the master deed, association contact information, the amount of your dues and a mortgage survey if you have it. You will also need contact and loan information for any outstanding mortgages on your property.

Step 2: Preparing a market analysis. I will prepare a FREE comprehensive report to determine the current market value of your home. It will include competing properties, pending homes, and recent solds, along with a market summary showing local market statistics and current market value. It will also include a seller’s net sheet with all of your costs to sell and a marketing plan for your home.

Step 3: Market analysis presentation & listing suggestions. Once we determine the listing price, we will discuss staging your home for success. You only have one chance with the perspective buyers. If they don’t like what they see the first time through, they will eliminate your home as an option. It is important to have your home decluttered and in top shape at the time we list it. You will be given a list of suggestions and things to do so your home will shine.

Step 4: Listing paperwork signed and photoshoot. At this time, you will sign the listing agreement and we will have a professional photographer take pictures of your home. A sign with go inyou’re your listing will go up in the MLS and feed out to other sites such as Zillow and Trulia. Buyers are now ready to tour your home.

Step 5: Offers submitted. We will discuss all details of each offer including the strength of the buyer’s financing, their down payment, ability to close quickly, the price and any concessions they are asking you to give. You can accept the offer, counter the offer or completely reject it. You will receive a new net sheet showing you the costs/profits from the agreed upon price.

Step 6: Home Inspection. A buyer will have between 5-10 days to conduct their private inspection after offer acceptance. This is at their expense and their agent will be present during the inspection. If something major shows up, they may ask for repairs or for a price adjustment. If they do ask for something, this technically opens the whole contract back up for negotiations. This is one reason we suggest having an inspection prior to listing your home so you know how much you are willing to negotiate later.

Step 7: Appraisal. The buyer’s lender will order the appraisal once all parties have agreed upon everything during the inspection. This is why it is so important to price your home according to market value. If the buyer’s appraisal comes in under the offer price, you will be asked to lower your price to the appraised value.

Step 8: Closing. It usually takes a buyer’s lender 30-45 days to bring the file to the closing table beginning at offer acceptance. At the end of the process, the buyer’s lender will need to verify their employment and will double check to be sure they haven’t done anything to drastically change their debt to income ratio. Once this has been done, they will give a “clear to close” which means we can close within 48-72 hours. We will receive closing documents from the title company to review together and make sure everything is correct. On closing day, my goal is to have everyone show up with smiles on their face! You made it and are ready to advance to your next journey.

If you have been thinking of selling your home I would be delighted to be your realtor. I truly enjoy what I do and look forward to providing you and your family with the best possible experience. Let’s get started today!