The last few weeks have been quite the whirlwind with the COVID-19 virus sweeping the nation and world. Especially now that Michigan has a Stay At Home order and we aren’t supposed to leave unless you need medical attention, need to get food, or are one of a list of essential workers. Not only can it be self-isolating, boring and hard to be cooped up, but it can also lead to feeling anxious and worried about the future relating to employment and juggling how to manage paying current bills.

We want to be a source of relief and hope in this time and provide some resources for work from home options and ways to earn additional money if you have been laid off or are unable to actively work right now.

Focus groups & online surveys are an easy way to share your opinion and get paid to do so. Below are a few links to register and pre-qualify. Participants are usually paid between $75-$250 per survey depending on the length and what may be required. The studies range from online discussion boards where there are prompted questions and you type out your opinions to video one on one interviews.

If you have a want some additional sources and have a specified skillset, check out and apply for these other work from home opportunities from larger companies as well.

Meanwhile, let’s support small local businesses and help others in any way we can to help make the recovery a little easier when the Stay At Home ban is lifted and the pandemic is managed and under control. Order take out from your favorite restaurants, purchase groceries from small markets vs. larger grocery stores, don’t cancel gym memberships, reschedule appointments instead of cancelling, give shout outs to your favorite businesses on social media, call your grandparents or elderly friends who may be stuck at home alone, engage in online video chats to keep  human interaction going, consider purchasing from small business online vs. Amazon, create schedules and encourage continued learning for children, keep active with home workouts, go for walks and get fresh air & most importantly volunteer your time or skills in areas where you may be needed.