Ruff.. Meow..

Our furry friends help to make our house a home! Moving and adjusting to a new space is a big deal, not just for us, but for our pets too! Here’s some of our recommendations to help make it an easy transition:

  • Help condition your pet to the idea of packing. Our dogs know something is up when they see us packing the car or a suitcase. Help them adjust to the idea of packing up your entire house by leaving a few boxes around before you’re ready to hit the road.
  • Find a new local vet. Make sure to ask around to find a vet for yearly vaccinations and check-ups. Don’t just wait until your pet is injured or sick.
  • Help your pet become familiar with the new environment. Take them to the new house before you officially move in. Have them sniff around the yard or take a stroll through the new neighborhood.
  • Put your pet in a less stressful, comforting environment while you unpack and settle in. That way when you are all done, they can relax and enjoy the new place with you.
  • Arrange pet beds and toys in a similar area in your new home as it was in your previous home. This will help reduce confusion for the animals, as well as keeping their schedules the same for going outside, playing, and eating.

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