Do you ever wander around the aisles of home improvement stores or green houses and find yourself basically drooling over the enormous, fully decked out planters? You lean down, grab the price tag, and your jaw drops to the floor when you see that the price is $200+ for just one pot. How can you bring yourself to pay that much for a planter that is just going to die at the end of the season?! Well, don’t worry because today we are going to recreate holiday planters on a budget and have them looking just as great!

Usually, those expensive planters are expensive because stores are accounting for the time that went into creating them. Since you have the time, no need to overpay.

First, find a plain arrangement without all the decorations. Bordines (located in Brighton) for example, has giant arrangements made up of different types of greenery. The plain planters were just $60.

Second, decide how you want to decorate. Grab some cheap lights if you are decorating them for Christmas and string them around the planters (you can find cheap lights at the dollar store that will work just fine). Purchase some pine cones, ribbon (to create your own bows), glittered flowers, etc. You can even buy large birch tree sticks to arrange in the back as a focal point for your arrangements.
Next, purchase wooden sticks (best if colored green to blend in) and use hot glue to secure the extra items onto the stick. Once the pieces have dried, stick the extra bows, pine cones, etc. in different areas of the planter.

Finally, place the planters on each side of your front door or wherever you desire and enjoy your seasonal pieces that you created on a budget!