Today, it has become the norm to have home surveillance cameras outside and inside of the home. Offering many advantages such as deterring crime, being notified when the postman has delivered your Amazon package, or even checking in on your pet during the work day.

Despite the pros and conveniences these devices offer, we must be aware of privacy laws according to the State of Michigan when these devices are actively recording, and a showing is taking place in a home listed for sale.

In Michigan, all parties to a conversation must give consent before one may record any private oral conversation. This means as a homeowner, if you have a video recording device taping the private showing, you cannot listen in on the private conversations of the parties looking at your home. You can watch, but not listen in unless the people touring have given consent.

During showings, it might be a good idea to turn off the recording aspect of your surveillance device to avoid crossing any boundaries. Agents are prompted for feedback requests after they complete the showing of a property, so you should still be able to gauge how a buyer felt about your home without eavesdropping while they are inside.