Did you know that the majority of buyers aren’t looking to purchase a home that has been used up or neglected? Home ownership takes effort, time and money and it is important to keep up with everything so you aren’t overwhelmed with five feet of overgrown weeds and bushes, moldy shingles giving off the perception of needing a new roof, etc. Yearly upkeep can help spread the cost of maintenance items over a longer period and will be easier to tackle one project at a time.

Whether you are planning to sell this year, in the future or just want to keep up with maintaining your home, check out some simple home improvement projects and maintenance items that will have your home looking like the finest one on the block. We’ve also included some of our trustworthy go-to sources to get the job done professionally!

Resources We Use Frequently:

Clean Gutters & Down Spouts

Get a Chimney Check Up

              –Smokestack Sweep (517) 672-1413

Have Your A/C Unit Inspected

              –Dan Wood Plumbing & Heating (248) 348-4242

              –Heinanen Engineering (248) 486-6100

Change Batteries in Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Change Filters & Clean Air Ducts

              –Amistee Air Duct Cleaning (248) 349-8877

Seal Your Driveway & Power Wash Your Patio

Trim Tree Branches & Prune Bushes

              –All American Tree Service (248) 442-2514

Remove Algae Staining & Moss from Roof Through “Soft Wash” cleaning

              –Ugly Shingles (888) 742-5794

Add Weather Stripping on your doors

Scrub and Clean Front Door (Including removing cobwebs around the corners)

Have Your Windows & Siding Professionally Cleaned

              – Vista Shine (517) 552-0035

Pre-Emergent Crab Grass Killer For Your Grass

Fertilize & Grub Prevention For Your Grass.

Live on a Lake? Dock, Hoist & Water Toy Installation

              –Water’s Edge Dock & Hoist, Inc (517) 294-7476